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Do you want to become more sustainable and create value for all your stakeholders?

Are you working to integrate sustainability, regeneration & Corporate Social Responsibility into the core of your business? 

Do you have environmental or social impact challenges you want to address? 

Is your organization ready to make a difference? 

Let's jump on a call and explore
how your organization can become future-fit

We help you realize your dreams of a Sustainable & Future Fit Business! It is our mission to support your business in creating value for all your stakeholders.


The Green Sprint offers hands-on processes for rapidly solving big challenges and testing new ideas & sustainable business models. 

We adopted the original Google Venture Design Sprint, threw it in a pot mixed it green by adding a sustainable mindset, a big portion of “seeing the bigger picture” and a dash of purpose. 

All businesses are different and not all roads to a sustainable & future fit company are the same. That is why we custom build Green Sprints based on your needs!


"Building livable communities isn’t rocket science. It’s much more complicated. The real solution will be in the hard, non-technical work of changing human behaviour"

Naomi Klein

become a sustainability accelerator

I participated in the Design Thinking workshop for Social Challenges in November 2019. I enjoyed it very much. We did interesting inspiring tasks and tried out good replicable tools and techniques. I totally recommend it: was a very useful experiences.

I participated in the Design Thinking workshops from The Green Sprint twice. And each time I was amazed by how a different approaches transform your problems into challenges, and how many ways are there to tackle them. Sessions with Minou were absolutely mind-opening, inspiring and full of practical knowledge.

Monika Rybarczyk
The Green Sprint Session was very dynamic, and the process was set up full of energy. The process rapidly helped us to get a clear picture of what the focus of the company is and what it should be.

I would absolutely recommend working with The Green Sprint. They offer a useful and practical method that gives you fast insights which enable you to move on and take action.

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