Tread the regenerative path together

Regenerative leadership - RE-CONNECT - RE-ENERGISE with nature

From Monday 2 To Saturday 7 October

a journey to

pause for the future

(un)learn business as usual

connect with nature

build a network - for life

Let's pause today, for a better tomorrow!


Take a break to recharge and allow yourself to think clearly. Prevent burnout and increase your creativity and your capacity to think differently, all whilst investing in your well being. 

Let’s take a pause today, for a better tomorrow.


The natural way is real, it is the golden thread that runs through us all – the most rational thing we as humans can comprehend – we’ve just forgotten. 

Let's unlearn, remove the brain garbage and move forward.


Connecting with nature has numerous benefits for our physical and mental well-being. It can reduce stress, improve mood and increase creativity. 

Spending time together in nature will promote a greater sense of interconnectedness and appreciation for the natural world. 


Sustainability often feels like starting on the back foot – fighting fires and being miss understood.

This is part of the change curve, but it doesn’t need to be so hard! 

The system resists, BAU resists – yet when we come together – resistance becomes energy for impact, only alone is it a limiter. 

connect for life and paint the future brighter together.

what is possible?


inner strength

Challenges await ahead – we have designed this RE-TREAT to reflect that and equip you with tools to overcome, think, ponder and smile-through the regenerative transition.



A retreat for sharing, openess and building life long bonds – with alies who share a journey with differing starting points. 



Through workshops, self reflection and sharing together we will left each other to think, do and collaborate towards a regenerative future. 

root to earth
retreat forward

Let's tread the regenerative pathway together

what CAN YOU EXPect?


Five-day RE-treat:
Monday 2 to Saturday 7 October
Four-day guided Camino:
From St Jean Pied De Port to Pamplona (67km)
Regeneration workshops:
Focussed on the Inner & Outer.
Supportive exploration guidance
One-on-one and group sessions.
Shared dorms in Albergue’s. (contact to discuss private room availability)
5x Breakfasts, Dinners and lunch snack packs. 


Booking Fee: 
Covering operational cost

RE-Treat experience:
Pay What You Want
(Based on what you think the experience was worth & aligned with your own financial position)


RE-Treat is a six-day nature-based enrichment program designed for individuals who are exploring pathways to regenerative futures. 

The retreat is set on The Camino trail from southern France to northern Spain. RE-treat is led by two regenerative business facilitators. Minou helps businesses with transformative imagination, the regenerative mindset and systemic design capability building. Jamie helps businesses to build regenerative innovation into their strategies and infrastructure.

The joy of living systems is they are intrinsically holistic – a balance of diversity. We too – as people are diverse – we too are nature and therefore we can, will and do – make a difference. Let us use this – to step off the scale – tip balances back and favour thriving with nature. Stop lingering on the edge of destruction and join the RE-treat. 

Do you have some questions or wonders?
Schedule a call and let’s chat!

the guides

MINOU schillings

Minou is a regenerative future facilitator – unburdening the world of business as usual brain garbage and unleashing the power of imagination for regeneration.

She helps business leaders to unlearn and re-imagine better futures and will be our guide with experience of hiking the camino.

jamie prow

Jamie is a business strategists, experienced in building regenerative infrastructure. 

He fosters a deep affinity with nature and leads business and leaders to root enterprise too the earth. 

the story behind re-treat

A 1000km apart, two pioneers bond over ‘regenerative futures’. Triggering a realisation, ‘THAT PERSON GETS ME’! This single conversation between two strangers resulted in the idea of building an open-sourced map, The Regenerative Painting. The objective: To facilitate the ‘THEY GET ME’ energy for every ‘regenerative’ pioneer and create massive waves of positive impact.

Connecting regenerative pioneers on The Regenerative Painting turned out to just step one. Soon after we launched the painting we started dreaming. WHAT IF regenerative pioneers could walk over this map together, in real life? 

At that moment the idea for RE-treat was born. Because facilitating THEY GET ME energy on an online map is cool, but actually walking on that map, with other regenerative pioneers is even better! 

step back to step forwards

UNlearn, UNwind and REwild minds,
boldly treading forward together!

who is this for?

Those who want to unlearn business-as-usual, build resilience and connect with a like-minded community of regenerative explorers and supportive mentors. 

This re-treat is designed for aspiring regenerative leaders who are feeling stuck in business as usual and the day-to-day grind of their business. And for impact-driven professionals who want to drive the transition to a thriving future within their business or industry.

Not suitable for those who are not interested in spending time in nature, or engaging in coaching sessions and workshops around regeneration.

Regenerative leadership - RE-CONNECT - RE-ENERGISE with nature


Leave your mark & Paint the big picture!




How can we future-proof you, your business and humanity to be resilient & ready for 2030, 2050 and beyond. 

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