What is your biggest obstacle hurdle for accelerating the sustainable transition within your organization? 

We offer remote innovation processes focussed on sustainable development & sustainable strategies. Not sure what to choose? Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message! Our network consists of some awesome people that can help you figure out your next steps, and we’re always happy to chat.

Short Runs

  • Lightning Decision Jam
  • Problem Framing Session
  • Ideation Session
  • Circular Strategies Workshop
  • Custom Made Programs

The Green Sprint

3 to 5 day REMOTE SPRINT
  • Problem-framing strategy session
  • Sprint Preparation session
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Facilitation
  • Result analysis
  • Wrap-up session & next steps

Strategy Sprint

3 TO 5 DAY STRATEGY sprint
  • Sprint preparation session
  • Introduction to online tools
  • Sprint Planning
  • Sprint Facilitation
  • Results analysis
  • Wrap-up session & next steps