Remote process facilitation to help you tackle your biggest challenges on sustainable and circular projects, innovation, CSR and social impact. 

Organizations often spend months on innovation projects, developing new products, services and strategies. Sustainability and impact projects are no different, as they too involve creativity and change within the organization.

Having this process facilitated will save you time, money and a lot of endless discussions.



  • Explore Sustainability
  • Inspiration
  • Ideation
  • Iteration


  • Define your challenge
  • Generate solutions
  • Design & Build a Prototype
  • Test it with users


  • Phase 1 Discover
  • Phase 2 Develop
  • Phase 3 Design
  • Phase 4 Deliver


  • Define a challenge
  • Generate Ideas
  • Prioritise solutions
  • Define action points


half / full DAY
  • SDG Inspiration
  • Purpose & Vision
  • Theory Of Change
  • And many more...


  • We Will
  • Build
  • Exactly
  • What You Need

Fast-track Sustainable Innovation
with A Green Sprint

A Green Design Sprint is a hands-on process for rapidly solving big challenges and testing new ideas and concepts in just a few days. The original Design Sprint was created by Google and we adopted and tweaked the methodology to tackle Sustainability and Social Impact challenges.

Step 1 understand & define

On the first day, we focus on understanding the challenge. 

“What problem are we solving?”, “WHY do we want to solve this challenge?” and “what goals do we want to achieve?”

We’ll look at the problem within the bigger system, and gather input from different perspectives, as we’re solving challenges for your customers, stakeholders and the environment. 

step 2 generate ideas

Now that we know the goal and understand the challenge, we can start on solutions! 

This phase is all about ideating and generating possible solutions. 

Once we’ve generated a huge amount of options, it’s time to curate and decide on the most promising solution. 

We’ll help you transform that idea into a storyboard, the first outline of your concept or prototype.

Step 3
Design & Build

One of the main goals of a Sprint is to quickly validate an idea or concept with real users.

How? Well, “fake it till you make it”… 

We’ll find a way to transform the idea and design and build a prototype – a simplified version of the solution. 

Instead of asking people if they like it, this way we can actually validate our solution with the intended user; your customers, your employees, your donors, etc.

step 4

The last step is very exciting; we will see how people interact and engage with our prototype. 

We want to gather lots of insights and feedback from users, to see if our solution is as promising as we thought.   

Based on these insights, let’s recap the Sprint and decide on next steps. 



Develop your Sustainability Strategy
with A Strategy Sprint

A Sustainable Strategy Sprint is a hands-on team process taking you from wishful thinking to a clear action plan in a few days. 

Whether you’re just getting started with sustainability, or you want to review your current activities, a Strategy Sprint is a great way to align your team and bring focus to your organization’s sustainability efforts.  

Step 1 explore sustainability

“If you don’t know where you going, it doesn’t matter which path you take” 

We’ll explore various sustainability frameworks and  developments around the SDG’s, Science Based Targets, Circular Economy and more.

We’ll also look at your ambitions  around sustainability and social impact. 

What is important to you? What is your vision, your organization’s purpose?

step 2
vision & Goals

When there is a clear vision and everyone on the team is aligned, we’ll look at your organization and core activities through a sustainability lens.

Before the Sprint, we’ll conduct an assessment that will help us in this phase.

We’ll discover what’s  already going well and locate opportunities and focus areas where you could make an impact. 

What is going to be your Green Hairy Audacious Goal? 

Step 3

With a clear vision, clarity on your long-term goals, and insights in your challenges and opportunities, we can develop a roadmap.  

How are you going to achieve these goals? Which teams are involved, and which stakeholders? Do you need budget? Resources? Tools? 

You will translate the long-term goals into measurable impact targets and kpi’s and look at options for further innovation and development.


step 4
take action

Time to shift into action mode! We’ll help you establish goals for this year or the next quarter, and what needs to happen.

You’ll decide on concrete actionable steps, projects and activities; a planning and assign tasks.


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