RE-Treat – Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 2023

RE-Treat is a collaborative project between two small independent businesses [Make Honey – & The Green Sprint] hereafter called RE-Treat. We are keeping RE-Treat purposely small and intimate, therefor every reservation is vitally important both for us, and the success and continuation of RE-Treat. We, Jamie Prow & Minou Schillings put lots of time, love and energy into the creation of RE-Treat. Furthermore, we make non-recoverable payments in advance to make RE-Treat happen. So please make sure to carefully read these Terms & Conditions before booking. By transferring your deposit or paying the full fee you signify that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions on this page.


To register for RE-Treat, participants must complete the online registration form and continue to pay the participation fee or opt for the instalment plan. The registration fee covers all accommodations, breakfast, dinner, and snack packs during the retreat, plus the pre-hike online program, workshops, facilitation and coaching. RE-Treat doesn’t include transportation to the start location (Saint Jean Pied De Port – South of France) and from the end location (Pamplona – North of Spain). The retreat has limited spots available, and registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the spots are filled, a waiting list will be created.

When you sign up for RE-Treat we will ask you to confirm your booking by transferring the booking fee of €750. Only once we have received your registration form and the deposit is your reservation officially confirmed.


At Re-Treat, we have a unique pricing structure for our retreats. We want to show up with compassion and create an inclusive experience. Our pricing is divided into two parts: the Booking fee and the What You Can fee.

The Booking fee, which is €750, covers our operational costs to run RE-Treat. It is a fixed cost that applies to all participants. The What You Can fee is where you have the power to choose. We suggest a payment scale ranging from €500 to €1500.

However, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique. We want to make RE-Treat as accessible as possible, so we encourage you to select a payment amount that fits within your means. Whether you are able to pay a little more or need to pay a little less, we appreciate your presence and value your participation in our RE-Treat. The choice is yours. We believe in providing a valuable experience while inviting you to find a balance between what you think the experience was worth and what you can afford.

To Confirm Your Booking
Booking Fee: €750

After RE-Treat
Pay What You Want & Can, suggested range: €500 – €1500




If you as a participant need to cancel your registration, you must notify us in writing. Refunds for the remaining payment (excluding the non-refundable deposit) depend on when we receive your cancellation.

    • More than 12 weeks period: You can cancel your participation up until 12 weeks before RE-Treat without any additional cost. 
    • More than 6 weeks period: We will refund your booking fee in full when we can fill your spot with another participant. In case your spot will remain open, your deposit of €750 will be forfeited.

    • 3 weeks before RE-Treat: Participation changes or refunded cancellations are no longer possible when you cancel 3 weeks prior to RE-Treat. To ensure the continuation of RE-Treat, can we under no circumstance, give any refunds for cancellations made within 21 days of the RE-Treat date.



Participants are fully responsible for their own health and safety during RE-Treat. It is recommended that participants consult with their healthcare provider before taking part in RE-Treat, especially, if they have any pre-existing medical conditions. Participating in RE-Treat means participating in long hikes over uneven roads and mountains with steep inclines. Taking part in RE-Treat is fully at your own risk, and you must make your own judgement, like stated previously preferably in consultation with a healthcare provider, to part-take in RE-Treat. If you do not live in France or Spain you are required to have international health care insurance, covering medical care and transportation home in case of a medical emergency or medical necessity. Participants should also inform the organization of RE-Treat, in writing, of any medical conditions, allergies, or dietary restrictions. So we can make appropriate accommodations.


Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver upon arrival at the RE-Treat. The waiver will release RE-Treat from any liability for injury, loss, or damage to personal property. Participants will be fully liable for their damages/losses during the retreat.


We strongly advise that participants obtain international travel insurance to cover themselves for baggage, accident, and trip cancellation. RE-Treat is not responsible for any expenses incurred due to trip cancellation, including but not limited to train fare, accommodation, or other expenses.


In case RE-Treat is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances we will notify all participants as soon as possible and you will receive a 100% refund including the deposit. However, RE-Treat is not accountable for preparation expenses, such as but not limited to, train fare, insurance and other expenses associated with the preparation for RE-TREAT.


Participants are expected to conduct themselves respectfully and appropriately during RE-Treat. Any behaviour that is disruptive, threatening, or harmful to others will not be tolerated and may result in the participant being asked to leave RE-Treat.


RE-Treat is meant for inner development and the creation of space between the participants and the day-to-day grind of their business. This precious and sought-after space is vital to be able to dive deep and explore the regenerative worldview. We are seeking to create a safe space for all participants to explore the regenerative worldview, on a personal, business and societal level. Therefore any type of working, vlogging or blogging on the RE-Treat is strongly advised against. Laptops are not welcome at RE-Treat. Phones and other technological devices are not welcome during workshops, group sessions, sharing circles and other collective activities. We advise leaving phones off and locked away as well during the hiking parts of RE-Treat.

For more information or questions please email us at Thank you for reading, understanding and agreeing to our terms and conditions for 20223.




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