In our monthly sustainability sessions, we want to uncover the WHY and HOW of innovation for sustainability.

We have a clear mission with The Green Sprint: to speed up the transition towards a sustainable society. We believe that innovation, creativity and collaboration are crucial for the transition that organizations need to make to operate more sustainably and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Join us on our mission and participate in our monthly Sustainability Sessions!

With Sustainability Sessions, we want to connect professionals who also strive to have a positive impact on the world and focus on tackling sustainable challenges and are interested in how innovation and creativity can help them achieve this. Sustainability Sessions takes place every 4th Tuesday of the month.

As our leading topic in Sustainability Sessions, we seek to explore and answer the question why we need innovation for the transition to a sustainable society and how we might achieve this. In these sessions, we’ll discuss challenges in the sustainability field with a positive can-do approach. Not to focus on what is going wrong, but to understand what we can do to make it better.

Guest Speakers & Interactivity

We’ll invite guest speakers to share real-world examples and together, will uncover the process that led them to a successful sustainable innovation, step by step. We strive to make the sessions interactive, by leaving enough room for questions and discussion. In addition, we might use some online tools and ask you to participate in a short workshop or game. We’ll look for the right form depending on the topic, but the core goal is to dive deeper and share insights together.

Share your thoughts with us!

We invite you to share your ideas but also your needs and struggles with us. This will help us to create an amazing series of Sustainability Sessions that will support all of us in pushing the transition forward.

Join us as a speaker!

Do you have a case or an interesting topic you would like to discuss with fellow sustainable professionals? Or do you want to share your experiences with innovation as a sustainable entrepreneur, CSR manager or professional? Let us know and you could be our next guest speaker!

Hope to see you soon!!

The Green Sprint Team

Minou & Pamela


  • 19:30 Online check-in
  • 19:40 Welcome round & try-out of online whiteboard Miro
  • 19:50 Short introduction by The Green Sprint
  • 19:55 Interactive conversation with an interesting guest speaker
    During our talk, we’ll also invite you to hop on Miro a few times and share your thoughts
  • 19:25 Interactive exercise with a game, creative thinking or innovation tool.
  • 20:45 Wrap up
  • 20.50 We’ll keep the zoom open so you can take your time for a chat


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