Apply for a free Sustainability Strategy Session (Value €150)

Imagine, it is December 2021, if you would achieve all the sustainable goals you are set out to achieve, how would this look like?

Sustainability, how and where to start?

Working on sustainability in organizations can be complex at times. There are many methodologies, frameworks and tools to choose from. Where to start, which ones do you pick and why? 

Once sustainability is on the leadership agenda and part of the business strategy, new challenges arise. How do you implement sustainability in operations and organisational processes, how do you engage people, and how do you create sustainable products and services that customers love and that can also have a positive impact on the world. 

With The Green Sprint, it’s our mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. That’s why we’re offering a free strategy session to sustainability and CSR managers, marketing managers, marketeers, innovation gurus and specialists and other professionals who are working on activating sustainable change within their organization. 

Your take-aways from this session:

➡️   Insights into where your organisation stands and what next steps you can take to realise the sustainability ambitions of your organisation

➡️   Discover opportunities to accelerate the sustainable transition in your organisation

➡️  If, and how innovation can help you to realise the sustainable goals of your organisation.

Sounds good? Let’s start with an introduction. 👋 👇

Apply for a free Sustainability Strategy Session (Value €150)